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SportingNordon, Inc. is a trusted partner in the design, production, testing and manufacture of products for the Sporting Industry.

Nordon has extensive experience collaborating with many independent, nationally known sporting industry developers.  For over two decades, our association with these renowned industry leaders has yielded many improvements to the sporting goods manufacture processes such as the development of high performance polymer components all replacing more costly metal and wood components.  This is especially true for the manufacture of firearms both handguns and long guns being produced with polymer based forearms, stocks and butt plates. 

Nordon holds a type 7 Federal Firearms Licensed issued by the ATF to manufacture firearms and their related components.  Nordon is also licensed to take possession of firearms for testing and evaluation purposes and for design assistance.  In the early prototype stages of firearms design, we are an invaluable asset.  Our involvement with firearms design teams affords a much smoother transition to full scale production.

Our reputation as a reliable resource developer and manufacturer of polymer based component parts for sporting products can be evidenced by:

  • Nordon produces components to meet the demanding structural and aesthetic specifications for one of the worlds leading crossbow producers.
  • An International Firearms Producer made its first entry into polymer based firearms components with a handgun co-developed and subsequently produced by Nordon.
  • Nordon produces a wide array of component parts for rifles and hand guns from .22 through .45 caliber for a variety of internationally known firearms companies.
  • Numerous components have been produced for more than a decade by Nordon for the nation's foremost air gun manufacturer.

In every situation, these applications have very demanding physical, performance and aesthetic requirements.  Nordon has the experience, the licensing and the manufacturing capability to be your complete firearms design and production resource. 

Nordon is fully equipped to handle these types of challenges.  Let Nordon assist you in your next sporting product project.