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Plastic Medical Componets expertise by Nordon, Inc.Nordon Produces Medical Equipment and Disposables to exacting specifications.

There are many injection molders serving medical industries, often exclusively.  In general, to service the medical industry, molders are required to produce parts within “clean rooms”, because of the need to comply with sterility standards.  Clean rooms are not required for the production of medical equipment housings, nor for the production of “non-invasive” disposable items.

Medical equipment housings are produced according to very demanding cosmetic standards, due to the fact that they are conspicuously displayed in medical facilities, and they must be easily cleaned.  Non-invasive medical disposables are produced to very demanding dimensional and cleanliness standards.

Invasive and non-invasive medical components typically require FDA approved medical-grade raw materials.

Nordon has produced medical equipment housings and non-invasive medical disposables for many years, despite inroads made by off-shore competitors.  We understand and comply with the manufacturing standards imposed by the medical industry, and with FDA requirements.  We employ validation and inspection standards to assure that production is always of the highest quality.

Nordon is fully equipped to manufacture plastic medical equipment of the highest standards of quality.  Let Nordon help you with these and similar projects.