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NORDON provides a Team of Engineering Professionals ready to assist you in the production of your project.

Nordon employee/owners hold a breadth of materials and processing knowledge able to provide design assistance and material recommendations.  Nordon Engineers direct a full range of prototyping and mold outsourcing, monitor sampling and long-term production.  Our engineering team involvement in the early stages shortens development time and saves money.

Engineering Services and Capabilities at Nordon

  • Design Assistance
    Nordon works with you to refine product designs for production. Our engineering team thrives on early engineering involvement to simplify parts, designs and materials.  This early envolvement has eliminated costs from parts sub-assemblies and the associated tooling.
  • 3-D Modelingcaddrawing
    Nordon technologically proficient engineers utilize the latest 3-D Modeling Software.
  • Prototyping
    Nordon provides full product prototyping services.
  • Materials Selection Expertise
    We have extensive materials and processing knowledge to provide design assistance and material recommendations.
  • Extensive Mold Development Experience
    Nordon has been building molds for plastic injection molding since the 1950s.
  • Mold Outsourcing
    We provide support and direction for mold outsourcing — both on and off shore
  • Product Development and Prototyping
    When Nordon is present during the early engineering stages, mold production times are sped up due to greater efficiency.
  • Long Term and Short Term Production Management
    Nordon is equipped to provide both long term and short term production and sampling.

Product Development Support and Manufacturing Stays in the U.S. — Your Patents are Safe at NORDON.

Our engineering design and manufacturing facility is located in the United States where copyright laws are honored and enforced.  This reduces your products exposure to the potential for copyright infringement, which is often present in some low cost production areas overseas.  The NORDON Facility is secure and production remains in the United States.