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Nordon Plastics Electrical ConnectorsNordon manufactures a broad range of durable plastic parts molded into electrical connectors. 

An electrical connector can be simply described as a conductive device for joining electrical circuits together.  The variety of electrical connectors is indescribable.

An ideal electrical connector will have a low contact resistance and a high insulation value.  It might also be resistant to vibration, water and oil.  Desirable properties for a connector might also include compact size, durability and low cost.

nordon-connectorPlastic parts with metal inserts are used to connect wires in any products utilizing electrical components.

There are thousands, if not millions of connectors that are available through catalogs, and are pretty much commodity items.  On the other hand, there are probably as many custom designed connectors that are uniquely designed to fit with related components for almost any OEM company.

Insert molding readily provides a means for customizing connectors which provide the connector properties noted above.  Insert molding generally applies to molding processes where an operator or a robot inserts the metal part of a connector into the mold, and then the mold closes and fills with plastic, thus surrounding and permanently anchoring the metal part.  Nordon uses this process to produce custom designed connectors.  Applications range from communications to automotive and truck industries.

Nordon is fully equipped to handle these types of manufacturing challenges.  Let Nordon assist you in your next project.