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Nordon is a Leader in Supplying Plastic Injection Molded Components For:

nordon-food-plasticsFood packaging and Storage Industry Components supplied to OEM's serving the industrial and retail packaging industries.  Nordon complies with the American Institute of Baking (AIB) standards.

Over 20 years ago, Nordon was producing rigid plastic containers both to strictly utilitarian standards and to higher cost cosmetic standards, using a range of polymers from polyethylene to talc-filled polypropylene.  As the end-use market evolved to flexible packaging, Nordon transitioned to supporting flexible packaging by co-developing closures for flexible packaging applications.

These applications have demanding physical performance requirements, and require high multiples of mold cavities running at very fast cycles per minute.  Read More


Plastic Medical Componets expertise by Nordon, Inc.Medical Equipment and Disposables
supplied to OEM's that sell into the medical industries.

Nordon produces component parts for medical equipment used in Doctor’s Offices, in hospital operating rooms, and disposable products for similar applications.

Equipment parts have demanding appearance requirements, and often require post-mold painting and decorating.  Disposable parts have demanding performance requirements, and must meet UL sanitation standards.  Read More


Nordon - Plastic Supplier of Military ComponentsMilitary Radio/Satellite Communications Equipment supplied to first-tier military suppliers.  Many require special polymers and insert molding.  Nordon is registered under the U.S. Department of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).  ITAR regulates the manufacture, export and transfer of defense articles, information and services.  Therefore, Nordon is in the position of being able to, and does fully support all military and security projects in the U.S.  Read More


  Automotive Parts Manufactured by Nordon Plastics, Inc.Automotive Components supplied to first-tier automotive suppliers. Nordon produces a variety of polymer based parts, to support the automotive industry as it participates in, or drives the replacement of metal with plastic components. Representative examples are carburetor air cleaners, gas spring fittings used to support open hood and trunk lids, and radiator end tanks. Read More
nordon-railroadRailroad Industry
Nordon produces parts to demanding endurance standards, because so many of them are used in distant/remote locations where they are difficult and costly to service.  Read More



Electrical component expertise at Nordon, Inc. 

Electrical Connecter Components
Nordon produces parts used in a variety of industries and applications.  These parts often call for insert molding.  Read More
explosiveExplosives Industry
Nordon produces a variety of polymer based parts, many of which require blends of resins to meet demanding performance and safety criteria.  Explosives components manufactured at Nordon include non- electric detonator housings used in mining and demolition industries.  Read More
  hvac Industrial Components
Nordon produces various parts, both big and small to a vast array of industries such as the HVAC and Lighting industries.  Read More


Nordon also serves these industries and many others: 

  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Office Equipment
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Hand Tools

Nordon specializes in the application of plastics for their unique performance characteristics.

  • Plastics to replace other materials for lower cost and enhanced funtionality
  • Long Runs
    Nordon Runs 24-hours per day, 5 and 7 days per week
  • Short Runs
    Nordon changes 15 to 20 molds per 24 hour day, which illustrates its core competency with short-run economics.