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Nordon manufactures plastic components for the railroad industry.Nordon manufactures a broad range of components for the railroad industry.

Railroad signal controls are one of the fastest growing industries in North America.  A number of companies providing associated turnkey systems and construction have emerged since the mid-nineteen nineties, and grown precipitously. 

These companies offer automated horn systems, exit gate management systems, crossing closures verification systems, quiet zone indicators, loop cables, inductive circuits, interconnections, loop processors, solar powered signals, and many others, too numerous to mention here. 

Nordon produces water proof, weather proof plastic covers for relays used in the railroad industry.As part of their growth strategies, they focus on providing the highest levels of safety and reliability and demand the same from their component suppliers.  They use equipment from the most reputable firms in the signal and communications industries.

Nordon has produced component parts for the control aspects of the railroad industry since the late nineteen nineties.  Let Nordon assist you in your endeavors.