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PrototypingNordon - Your Product Development Partner

Designing and building molds for long term production using 3D solid modeling and CAD software can be a tedious process.  It often requires multiple weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to complete.  In the early stages of product development, this process does not lend itself to easy and inexpensive changes.

To facilitate efficient and inexpensive part changes during development, Nordon offers Rapid Prototyping via its strategic partners.  Rapid Prototyping processes (SLA/FDM/SLS/LOM) often have shortcomings in terms of fragility and accuracy of the parts produced and therefore precludes using the parts for functionality testing.

To address the issue of testing accuracy, Nordon offers functional prototypes delivered in a relatively short transaction time by employing strategic partners, i.e. an industrial design company and a number of CAD/CAM machining companies, in concert with its own engineers, designers and mold-makers, to build actual molds.  These molds may not endure long-term production use, but they will produce accurate, functional parts for testing and facilitate the trial of alternative materials.

Depending on the Prototyping method used, Nordon offers product developers the ability to trial varieties of:

  • Shapes, contours and radiuses,
  • Surfaces,
  • Textures,
  • Resins and
  • Colors,


While at the same time considering mold and mold-ability issues such as:

  • Size limitations,
  • CNC milling,
  • Part draft and radiusing,
  • Part ejection,
  • Coring & core pulls and
  • Cavity filling.


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