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NORDON Employee/owners are dedicated to the manufacture of molds, and the maintenance of molds to deliver plastic parts with a minimum of dimensional variability. Nordon has 100+ years combined mold-maker experience.


We will work both on-shore and off-shore to produce the highest quality mold for your product.

Mold Making Capabilities at Nordon

  • Extensive Mold Development Experience
    We have extensive materials and processing knowledge to provide design assistance and material recommendations.


  • Mold Outsourcing
    We provide support and direction for mold outsourcing — both on and off shore

  • Mold Making and Repair
    Our facility is equipped with a complete mold making and repair shop. Our mold making department technicians are trained to oversee the complete plastic injection mold life-cycle and make any adjustments or repairs when necessary.

  • Mold Storage
    Nordon is pleased to provide plenty of quality storage space to our clients for the purpose of clean storage of molds between production runs.