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Nordon, Inc. - Plastic Injection Molding Parts for the Automotive IndustryNordon manufactures a broad range of automotive parts.

Nordon serves as a second tier supplier to OEM companies that supply the automotive and truck industries.  We supply injection molded component parts for a broad range of applications, from small structural components to large engine cooling components.

The Conversion of Metal to Plastic

The automotive industry has been at the forefront of converting parts to plastic; parts that traditionally were made of metal.  Nordon has been part of this process for many years, and is therefore well versed at molding with glass-filled nylon resins, to achieve mechanical properties that are similar to metal.

Glass-filled nylon components are widely used for automotive applications, due to their enhanced strength and impact resistance.  Optimum performance is achieved by inclusion of uniformly dispersed glass fibers throughout the component part, which are bonded to the nylon through the use of coupling agents.

Look under the hood or in the trunk of any automobile or truck, and you will see many examples of the conversion from metal to plastic.  Nordon most assuredly has manufactured a number of the plastic parts you will see.

Nordon is fully equipped to handle these types of challenges.  Let Nordon assist you in your next high performance project.