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Nordon provides plastic parts for the detonation and explosives industry.Nordon manufactures a broad range of highly specialized components serving companies who utilize explosives.

Companies in the mining, quarrying, pipeline, geophysical exploration, and construction businesses use explosives as part of their “tools-of-the-trade”.  Safety is of paramount importance when applying explosives, and to that end, the quality and precision of the component parts used in applying explosives is of paramount importance

Safe and effective blasting can only be achieved with world-class initiation systems.

Nordon produces component parts for initiation systems.  The specifications for these detonator parts are very demanding, and require the exact blending of resins, and the precise control of processing conditions to insure that the component parts will perform consistently and accurately every time.

nordon-redclipNordon is fully equipped to handle these types of manufacturing challenges.  Let Nordon assist you in your next highly sensitive project.