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Nordon - Manufacturer of Industrial Components - Plastic Injection MoldingManufacturers of a broad range of custom plastic component parts for various industies. 

Nordon produces a vast range of part sizes, from small, such as control knobs and computer keypad keys, to large, such as fans and fan shrouds for industrial air handling and air cooling systems. 

The company produces a similar range of parts with demanding color and cosmetic appearance requirements, e.g. lighting fixture parts.  If it’s a plastic part, and its geometry fits injection molding criteria, then Nordon has, or will produce it to customer specifications.

Nordon currently inventories over 500 stock keeping units (SKU’s) of virgin resins, and half again as many composites thereof.

Nordon is fully equipped to manufacture plastic injection molded parts at various sizes, materials and performance requirements.  Let Nordon assist you in your next project.